This application form must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the first event you are taking part in


Having already entered the event you have confirmed your competency for completing the required distance for either the Dartmoor or Exmoor Open Water Swims, ranging from 2km to 8km distances.

For all distances we recognise that some swimmers, who swim regularly without a full wetsuit in open water, would also like to take part without wearing a wetsuit for our events. To do so we require sufficient background information to broadly assess your recent experience of swimming without a wetsuit for both the water temperature and swim distance. Whilst the water in Roadford Lake, Dartmoor was around 20oC(!) in July last year, it is likely to be less than 17oC in June. A similar temperature is expected at Wimbleball Lake, Exmoor, in September. Please note, the ambient temperature will also have an impact on the perceived temperature at the end of the swim.

This non-wetsuit application form should ONLY be completed by those who are looking to participate without a full wetsuit, i.e. swim “skins” (by full wetsuit we mean neoprene from cuff to ankle). If you are intend to swim “skins” for both events you only need to submit ONE form, but should submit the form to meet the Dartmoor deadline:

  • 26 May 2019 – forms must be received for Dartmoor (event 16 June 2019)
  • 15 September 2019 – forms must be received for Exmoor (event 29 September 2019)

In the unlikely event that we refuse your application, you will be offered a full refund unless you choose to compete with a wetsuit (this must be confirmed to us at least two weeks in advance of the event).

Thanks – the Team at Dartmoor and Exmoor Open Water Swims.



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    * All participants must wear an appropriate swimming costume if not wearing a wetsuit (no nudity!)
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